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19.10.2021 - Book Club with Dr. Michael Clarke

"Habits of Highly Effective People" puts forward a principle-centered approach to both personal and interpersonal effectiveness. Rather than focusing on altering the outward manifestations of your behavior and attitudes, it aims to adapt your inner core, character, and motives.

The seven habits in this book will help you move from a state of dependence to independence, and finally to interdependence. While society and most of the self-help books on the market champion independence as the highest achievement, Covey argues that it’s interdependence that yields the greatest results. 

Interdependence is a more mature, advanced concept. It precludes the knowledge that you are an independent being, but that working with others will produce greater results than working on your own. To attain this level of interdependence, you must cultivate each of the seven habits laid out in the book. The seven habits are as follows:

  1. Be proactive
  2. Begin with the end in mind
  3. Put first things first
  4. Think win/win
  5. Seek to understand first, before making yourself understood
  6. Learn to synergize
  7. Sharpen the saw

The full version of the book is available through the provided link: The seven habits of highly effective people.

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Book Club with Dr. Michael Clarke

The seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey

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