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15.03.2022 - "Economics in Cartoons" ("Suratli Iqtisod") by Mamurjon Rahimov

Good day!🌧  We are pleased to inform you that Mr. Mamurjon Rahimov (WIUT Senior Lecturer, Author, Researcher) is conducting a Book Club session on his book "Economics in Cartoons" ("Suratli Iqtisod") upcoming Tuesday!😃🤗  "Since Economics is sometimes called "Dismal Science", I decided to make it more understandable" - says Mr. Rahimov about his handy book.  Have you read it? Not yet? 😉 Either way, you are sure to benefit much from firsthand overview, introduction and discussion of the book by a professional!   ⏰ Time: 15 March, 13:30 🏛 Venue: IB Strategy Room (above LRC Silent Area)  See You there!

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"Economics in Cartoons" ("Suratli Iqtisod") by Mamurjon Rahimov

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