The Garnet Bracelet

Alexander Kuprin
Date: 09.03.2021
Time: 14.00 PM
Venue: Strategy Room


Dear All,

We’d like to introduce you the first-ever reading club session on Russian literature, facilitated by the WIUT students: Nozima Saitova and Feruz Rakhmatullaev. The session will be devoted to one of Alexander Kuprin’s masterpieces “The Garnet Bracelet”.

This book sheds the light on the life of a “little man”, who is obsessed by a one-sided love for princesses. At one point, “little man” gifts the garnet bracelet before committing suicide, leaving a note to the princess. Once “the little man” is dead, it becomes clear that the princess has lost “this rarest thing, a true love that happens once in a thousand years”. 

P.S: You are welcome to participate even if you have not read the book🙂.


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