“The Fault in Our stars”

John Green.
Date: 17.02.2021
Time: 14.00 PM
Venue: Social Zone (New Building)


Dear All,

💫We’d like to introduce you a WIUT student Mukhlisa Atakhodjaeva, who is going to facilitate the next Reading Club session. The session is dedicated to a famous best-selling book “The Fault in Our stars”. 🌠

❤️This book tells you that you can’t give up even when something is trying to stop you from enjoying a happy life. It’s a rare book that’s emotional and full of light.

✨The Fault in Our Stars is something that will appeal to everyone and makes you think about how valuable love is and how just one person can change your life in the most simple way.✨

🌟You are welcome to participate even if you have not read the book.
🌟Snacks and hot tea will be provided during the session to make your discussions be more engaging.
🌟The most active participants will be able to gain prizes from a facilitator.  
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🗓: February 17, 2021         
🕰: 14:00    
🏛: LRC Main Area

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