Monday to Friday all LRC areas operate from 9:00 to 19:45

On Saturdays, only Main Area operates from 9:00 to 17:45

All members of the University are welcome to use the library: Academic staff members; Bachelor and Master’s degree students; CIFS and CPFS students; Alumni students (if confirmed with Marketing department and for fee) as well as students and academic staff members from other universities who have got official permission of the Rector. Please refer to LRC Regulations for more detailed information.

There is WebOPAC, which can be used for search through the Atriuum library system both on the premises and outside the University. Watch the instructional video on the Atriuum Web OPAC usage

The library has limited stock of textbooks. You can use a reservation option in advance and also you can use the book you are looking for in the Reference section only in the library premises. Moreover, there is a variety of both open access and subscribed, which provide you with additional materials for your research and university assignments.

The library book order is conducted once a year from March until the end of April according to the academic staff members’ request. The budget for purchasing the books is approved by University executives. You are recommended to approach your Module leader for your request.

According to the library regulations, food and drink may not be brought into the library area (Page 4, Chapter 9, Item 9.2) because of the risk of damaging library items and furniture. Please watch this video to get an overview of library regulations

The library staff members are monitoring the behavior in the library according to the library regulations. However, the number of students has significantly increased, which is out of the current capacity of the library. We would kindly ask students not to observe passively the misbehavior of rule-breakers and report to librarians immediately. Moreover, LRC is divided into areas, in some of them, such as “Silent Area” and “Quiet Area” noise is prohibited.

According to the library regulations (Chapter 10, "Library Sanctions and Fines", Item 10.6) the loss of the item must immediately be reported to library staff, which marks the item as "lost", and user pays only triple ( or double-should be confirmed in new amendments) cost of the book without fine for late returning or replaces it with the same title.

Yes. There is a number of library training sessions on request. "Effective Usage of Electronic Databases", "Academic Information Seeking" and other relevant topics. Moreover, there is an online Information and Digital Literacy course designed for any level learners for university success.

The library staff members and security guards are empowered to warn those who are breaching the library regulations or ask you to leave the library. In particular cases, the library staff members may report insulting behavior to the Disciplinary Panel of the University.

No. You are not allowed to borrow library materials until you make a payment for a fine.

If you bring the book the next day from the due date you are given grace. Fine is counted from the second day of delay in the amount of 7,500 sums per day per item. If the Item is brought with 15 days delay, the fine is paid in an amount of 105,000 sums, If the item is not returned, it is considered as lost and the user is required to pay double cost of the item.

Yes, certainly. There are two areas for group work on the second floor of the library. The Discussion Area is also available for teamwork with moderate noise level.

There are 4 areas in the library: Main, Discussion, Quiet and Silent areas. Moreover, there is a computer laboratory equipped with PC. The library provides a sufficient number of tables, chairs, and sofas to study alone and in a group.

You can register for the LRC through the online registration form placed on the Digital Library.

You can pay your fines either through the bank on the premises of WIUT or do it through the following Mobile Apps: My Uzcard, InfinBANK. Choose Оплата услуг – in the Search bar type Westminster, then choose Student, book overdue, Student ID number, fine amount.

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